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Remember floor hockey from gym class? Introducing a colder version

Broomball returns for Spring 2014 at Madison Ice Arena. If you haven’t heard of broomball before, you’re missing out! It’s basically floor hockey on ice. Every player has a "broom" (it's really a stick) and you try to hit a small rubber ball through a goal.








  • Teams consist of six players on the ice - at least two must be female.
  • Free Agents (or players without a team) are welcome to register. We will try to find you a team!
  • Five week regular season followed by two weeks of playoffs.
  • Referees are provided.
  • Championship t-shirts and gift cards or cash prizes awarded to the top teams in the league.



  • Games will be played on Sunday evenings at Madison Ice Arena, located at 725 Forward Drive, Madison. We will have use of the locker rooms for the games.
  • We use the studio rink, which looks just like a regular hockey rink, except smaller, so it's the perfect size for broomball.



  • Each participant is supplied with an MSSC team t-shirt.
  • MSSC supplies all essential equipment, such as goals, sticks, balls, and helmets for the goalies.
  • Players are encouraged to purchase additional equipment, such as broomball shoes, pads, and helmets from sites like


For complete details, please download the Rulebook and General Information document from the Broomball menu on the left side of the page. When you're ready to sign up, click "Full Details & Sign Up Options" below.


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