Registration Procedures

The policies below describe certain aspects of MSSC leagues and how you should sign up for them.


Registration Deadlines and Sellouts


Registration deadlines only apply if leagues do not sell out. Most of our leagues DO sell out, many well in advance of the deadline. Do not wait until the last minute to sign up, or you may miss out on the league. If you are registering as an Individual in hopes of being placed on a team, please keep in mind that Individuals are placed in the order they register, so you should not wait to register as an Individual either.


Team Registration Procedure


If you have an entire team together, you should register a team. This is the most common option. You may also register a team if you have most of a team together and only need a couple extra players. We typically have Individuals (or Free Agents) sign up for most leagues that you can add to your team if you need extra players.


Individual Registration Procedure


You should register as an Individual (aka "Free Agent") only if you are not part of a team. If you are a part of an established team, the captain will register the team and send you an invite. Individuals have little control over the team to which they will be assigned, so they may be placed on a team that is mostly complete and looking for an extra player or two, or they may be placed on a team composed entirely of Free Agents. Any Individuals placed on teams will be contacted after registration has closed and will be charged when placed. It is possible you may be placed on a team after the season has started, as teams have players move, get injured, etc. There is no guarantee that Individual signups will be placed on a team. Please read the following:


We will only contact you if we have a spot for you on a team


You must follow the procedures below when registering as an Individual:

  1. Do not register for multiple nights if you are not able to play on multiple nights. We count on all free agents being available for any and all nights for which they register. If you are able to play on multiple nights but only want to play one night, register for the night you prefer and indicate in the comments section that you would be able to play on other nights
  2. Do not register for more than one division. Example: If you can play in a Competitive division, you should not be registering for anything below that. Registering for multiple divisions is likely to result in all your registrations being cancelled. We have enough problems with people registering in the wrong division as it is
  3. There is no guarantee that Individuals who request to play together will placed together, especially if they do not register at the same time, since Individuals are placed in the order they sign up. If you want to play on a team with a friend, make sure you sign up on the same day, or as close together as possible
  4. If you register as an Individual, are placed on a team, and subsequently withdraw, you will jeopardize your chances of ever being placed on a team in our leagues again


Some teams choose to have all their players register as Individuals for one reason or another. If your team is going to go this route, you must decide on a captain and have that person contact MSSC in advance and let us know the team name and that you will be registering as Individuals. If you do not do this, there are several things that may happen:

1. The league may sell out with registered teams, in which case there will not be room for your team if we did know you were all registering as Individuals. If we know in advance, we will create a team slot for you.

2. Some players who are supposed to be on your team may not be included if they did not register correctly or at all.

3. A Free Agent team may be created, and some of your players may be placed on the team and some may not. Free Agents are assigned to teams in the order they signed up.


Procedure for Teams Registering as Individuals


As noted above, if you have a team together, you should have a captain register a team. If you choose to have everyone register as an Individual, here is how you do it:


During registration, you will see a box that reads "Were you hoping to be teamed with friends?" Click the "Yes" button and enter your friends' names and e-mail addresses. Entering e-mail addresses is optional, but entering them will send your friends an e-mail so they know they should sign up. Or maybe remind them that they haven't signed up.