Kickball and football games for April 27th are canceled due to rain.
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We are your headquarters for flag football in Madison. We run both Spring and Fall co-ed and men's leagues every year.


Spring Leagues: Run approximately mid-April to early July. Co-ed games are played on Sunday afternoons. Men's League games are played on Monday or Thursday nights.

Fall Leagues: Run approximately early August to mid-October. Co-ed games are played on Sundays - approximately 11:00 am to 4:00 pm before the NFL season starts, and between approximately 9:00 am and 2 pm once the NFL season has started. The Men's League plays on Monday or Thursday evenings. All of your games will be on the same night of the week.


Don’t have a team? You can sign up as an Individual and MSSC will place you on a team if we have room. Please see the information on Individual signups below. Don't have quite enough players for a team? Teams that are looking for additional players can indicate this by having the Team Captain check the appropriate box during registration.



  • Teams consist of six players on the field. In the Co-ed League, at least two must be female.
  • Shirts, equipment, and referees are provided by MSSC. We use Flag-a-Tag belts, widely considered the best flag belts available. Belts contain three flags per player
  • Games consist of two 20 minute halves.


Choose Your Skill Level


Co-ed: There are three separate divisions:

Competitve: Teams of above average skill level who take the game seriously and want to win.

Intermediate: Teams of average skill level who fall somewhere in between Rec and Competitive.

Recreational: Teams of below average skill who are just out to have fun. This division awards no prizes.


Men's: Leagues will be divided into Competitve and Rec divisions if we have enough teams classify themselves into each division. Prizes will only be awarded in the Competitive division.


Individual Sign Up Information


Men: We typically are not able to place males who register as Individuals in the co-ed league because most teams are not looking for additional males. Being placed as an Individual in one of our men's leagues is much easier since we can normally form a "Free Agent" team.

Ladies: If you want to be placed on a team, it's best to just sign up on your own and NOT request to be placed with a male, as there is a much smaller chance a team will pick you up if you want to play with a guy.


Do not register for multiple nights if you are not able to play on multiple nights. We count on all free agents being available for any and all nights for which they register. If you are able to play on multiple nights but only want to play one night, register for the night you prefer and indicate in the comments section that you would be able to play on other nights.


Dates and Locations

  • Spring leagues generally run from late April to early July (weather permitting).
  • Fall leagues run approximately early August to mid-October.
  • The 2017 men's leagues will be held at Warner Park. Co-ed will be most likely be at Olbrich Park.


Prizes and Other Benefits

  • Champions t-shirts will be awarded to the Co-ed Competitive and Men's Competitive divisions
  • Cash prizes or gift cards will be distributed as well based upon the number of teams that register


For complete details, please download the Rulebook linked in the grey bar at the top of this page. When you're ready to sign up, click the "Team" or "Individual" button below, or click "Learn More" for the full details on dates, times, locations, etc.


Questions? Check out our FAQ or Contact Us.


Online Payments

Spring Sunday Co-Ed Flag Football

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  • Locations: Olbrich Park
  • Days of the week: Sunday
  • Started on : Started on 4/23

Spring Monday Men's Flag Football

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  • Locations: Warner Park Football
  • Days of the week: Monday
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Spring Thursday Men's Flag Football

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