Weather Cancellation Policies

Rain rain go away

Games may be cancelled and rescheduled for a later date if weather is too severe, fields are unplayable, or facilities are closed. Below are cancellation policies based on the type of league.


General Rules for All Leagues


  • Do not contact us by e-mail or phone to inquire about cancellations. They will be posted on the website and e-mailed to all roster players IF games are actually cancelled. E-mails and voicemails inquiring about cancellations will not receive a response
  • We generally don't cancel anything based on forecasts. They're wrong far more often than they're right. We will always default to playing until something happens to justify a cancellation
  • Tornado watches mean nothing other than that the conditions exist for there to possibly be a tornado. They generally don't materialize and we will never cancel for a tornado watch
  • Games will be played if you don't hear anything by your game time, pending any change in the weather. We will e-mail players of upcoming games if we have to cancel before their game begins


Outdoor Leagues

  • We must follow city rules regarding unplayable fields. Generally it's not MSSC's decision to cancel games unless rain comes after 4 pm. If the city cancels games, we usually know by 3:00 pm for weekday games and 9:00 am for weekend games, and players will know shortly thereafter. If it is our decision the cancellation will likely come later, as we want you to play and will wait to make any decision to cancel
  • Just because "it's not raining right now," it doesn't mean the fields have dried since it did rain. Conversely, just because there's rain in the forecast doesn't mean it will actually come
  • There are different cancellation criteria for different sports. Softball and kickball are the most likely to be cancelled and don't require much rain to trigger the city to cancel. Flag football is generally played unless it's raining at game time or the fields are too waterlogged due to recent heavy rain. Volleyball will be played unless it's raining at match time
  • Sometimes cancellations will come after some games have already started, but there's nothing we can do about changes in the weather. We will always default to playing and sending people home if necessary


Indoor Leagues

Indoor leagues are only cancelled if the facility at which games are held closes. If Madison schools are closed for any reason in the winter, we generally cannot play at night. The school district sometimes makes exceptions to this policy. If leagues are held at a private facility they will let us know if they are closing.