Attendance and Sub Policies

Rules governing rosters, use of subs, and eligibility for playoffs

This page will likely be under constant revision as we revise our policies to be as fair to everyone as possible.


Rosters are going to be more strictly enforced in all MSSC sports now due to rampant use of non-roster players and other illegal players in playoff games across leagues in all sports. The following rules are now in force going forward:

  • All players (including subs) must “check in” for all games by showing a current picture ID to a referee or representative of MSSC prior to every game. It is the player's responsibility to make sure he or she is checked in. We cannot be responsible for anyone who did not come over to the refs during check-in or arrived late and did not check in at some point. Driver’s licenses or passports are preferred. A picture of a driver’s license on a phone is acceptable. If any player is not able to produce an acceptable form of ID, the team has two options:
  1. The player does not participate in the game
  2. The player may participate in the game, but the team permanently forfeits the right to use a non-roster sub in the playoffs
  • No player may appear on the roster of more than one team in the league, regardless of division
  • Rosters are frozen after the second game of the season. Players may not be added after this point. Subs should not be listed on a roster unless they are marked as a Sub
  • Teams may not use any non-roster sub for more than two games per season. Playoffs are included in the two games
  • Any roster player must play in at least 50% of a team’s regular season games to be eligible for the playoffs. Exceptions will only be made for injured players who are able to produce a doctor’s note stating the length of time before the player may return to participating in sports. The injured player must be on the roster at the beginning of the season
  • Subs from other teams are not allowed in the playoffs
  • Teams are allowed one non-roster sub in the playoffs if needed. This sub cannot have already played two games for the team as noted in the third bullet point above, and is subject to the restrictions noted in the first bullet point above
  • A team may use a roster player who did not play in at least three regular season games as their one allowed sub. No other subs are allowed
  • If a team forfeits and no one shows up at the field, all players on that team are marked as not attending. Any players in danger of missing the cutoff to be eligible for playoffs are encouraged to show up and check in. In situations where MSSC knows about the forfeit in advance and neither team shows up, the team taking the forfeit win will have all players marked as attending the game. If a team shows up at the field and their opponent does not, it is again the player's responsibility to check in with the refs.


Our policy has always been that all rules listed above may be disregarded if the opponent agrees to let a team play a legal game with players who violate any of the above the rules. Any forfeits must be agreed upon before the start of the game and the scorecard must be signed by both captains acknowledging the forfeit. Teams have five minutes past the official start time to field a legal team.


MSSC may waive roster rules if all captains for any given division consent to such waiver. This may be before the regular season starts, or may just be in effect for the playoffs.